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Garbage In... - The Devil's Advocate
...it never pays to give all sides less than their due consideration...
Garbage In...
The shit people just accept into their brains without any due diligence or fact checking amazes me. It's like eating handfuls of garbage and shit without looking at it, just because someone marked it "food". It's worse, really. At least your body will try to get rid of a lot that garbage on it's own. The garbage you let into your brain just stays there and festers and rots everything it touches.~HMD

A thought that leapt out of my head today while I was, once again, trying to work out all the interesting and intricately detailed differences between the relationship I have with facts and information, and the relationship 'normal' people have with facts and information.

I'm known far and wide as someone who loves to argue, and as someone who 'always has to be right', can't 'agree to disagree', can't 'leave well enough alone' or 'let sleeping dogs lie', because I am, for all intents and purposes constitutionally incapable of passing by a known factual error without correcting it, or a bit of questionable data without challenging it, questioning it, and trying to make it prove itself either true or false.

I want to know which things are real or not real... Which things are true, and which false. It's outside my comprehension as to how someone could possibly just shrug and say "Meh. I don't care."

I have to look up things I don't care about because someone says them, and I doubt it. I don't want that stray, incorrect "fact" floating around in my head, until I forget where it came from, and then the subject might come up again in five years, and I might repeat that incorrect fact. "Seems to me I heard or read somewhere that..." How is that any better than spreading disease?

At least our bodies have natural defenses against disease. It seems all too many people have absolutely no natural defenses against their own laziness and credulity. How do we survive as a species with this quality being so common?

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