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Ray... When someone asks you if you're a God... You say... YES!

As many of us remember from Ghostbusters, this is a question that it's very important to get the right answer to.

Now, luckily, you can.

Sure... Anyone can climb up on their little rock, beat their tiny chest, and scream "I'm a god, dammit!" but that's hardly the same as being recognized as a living god - or saint, angel, etc. - by an actual, practiced religion.

Not only is this religion compatible with all other religions, it's the perfect religion for atheists, too... In Universal Divinity (Universalism), each member defines what concepts like "God" or "Saint" or "Moral" or "sin" means to them.

If you're also a Christian, consider that your God clearly believes in other gods - "Thou shalt have no other god before me" would sound pretty silly if he didn't - So, you can too. You just can't place any of them above Him. So, in your devotions, you simply define and understand that all these other gods come after the God of Isaac and Abraham.

If you're an atheist and don't believe in any "gods" that's fine too. Do you believe that people who do believe in gods should get special tax breaks and other privileges that you don't get? So, in your devotions, you decide that a "god" is some kind of special representative of the luck, karma, etc. of some thing or idea... No special powers, no spooky aspects, just someone to associate with something when the mood strikes you, and Shazam! You're "religious" too...

"Religion" being, in part, according the Oxford English Dictionary, "...a pursuit or interest followed with devotion." Given the tax benefits and the extra time off (UD has more religious holidays than all other human religions combined - sometimes several per day! Just choose which ones you want to observe.) associated with having a "religion" and the fact that no government agency is authorized to question your level of devotion, so long as your religion is happy with it - once a year good for you? That's fine with UD. Once a day more your speed? That's fine with UD, too. - What's not to like & be devoted to?

Of course, like all religions, Universal Divinity does have commandments... Or, rather, one "commandment" called The Prime Law... You ready for it? "You’re only here for a fairly short time. Have some fun, accomplish something, and try to be nice to each other."

That's it. And even that's subject to interpretation. There is also a formal suggestion - called the 'Key Guide': "Deception, Theft, and Unnecessary Harming of Others are to be avoided."

Not so bad, huh?
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On Language, my $.02

Perhaps this is something I should join Mr. Fry in trying to keep down in myself...

Perhaps. At very least, the idea will take a great deal of getting used to. ;-)

I can, at very least, say with full honesty that I do, indeed, enjoy language... Every chance I get. On the one hand, I don't see my OCD tendencies for "getting it right" as a impediment against that end, but, on the other, I do have to admit that Shakespeare, as noted, did make a great many leaps and tight curves in regards to language as well.

I do think it's worth noting that when the author of Hamlet did something of non-standard nature with language, it was done to enhance language and enrich communication... U and Ur and R and the likes do nothing to enhance language or enrich communication.

There is, I think, a great deal of difference between taking a well used tool and finding a new use for it, bringing another word or phrase from another language into your own, or turning a word on it's side and wringing a new use out of it, and simply shoving the wrong word into the wrong slot just because you're too ignorant to know the difference between words, or too lazy to find the right tool in the first place... One is an act of creation, while the other is just an act of brutish stupidity.

But then... Am I making a valid point, or just slipping back into curmudgeonly pedantry?
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Jack & Jill & Zombies.

In the "Everyone else is doing it, so I may as well have some fun too." department...

The first one of these with wide-spread exposure that I heard of was "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies", author credits to Jane Austen and Seth Grahame-Smith, and released last year by Quirk. I first heard of it on NPR while driving, and laughed quite a while... Though, I'll admit, I've not yet purchased and read it. It seems to me the kind of thing where once you'd seen the cover and read the dust jacket and perhaps a few sample pages, you've probably already got all the good out of the joke that it's got to give.

Then, today, I see over at Merit Badger that there's a merit badge available for writing and reading this stuff, and that's the last little push I need to indulge myself... Although, it does also give me the idea for a much more complicated (but probably not any more funny, if even as...) idea for later, as well. (There's also a delicious poster of a movie that really should be made... Go have a look.)

I now hear from a friend that her husband is putting on "Twelfth Night of the Living Dead" in December at the high school where he teaches. Sight-unseen, I'm ready to predict that it's destined for Broadway. :-)

First, I figure, what this genre needs is a collection of quick bites. Lovely little stories of a familiar caste that can be enjoyed, digested and shared in a flash, right? Not to mention, they'd be really easy to write, and I've got a bit of a full schedule just now.

So. I give you my new collection, Jack & Jill & Zombies:

Jack and Jill and Zombies

Jack and Jill
Went up the hill
To fetch a pail of water.

Jack fell down
And broke his crown
And the shambling horde of horrific undead that had claimed Jill's innocent life came tumbling after.

Up Jack got
And home did trot
As fast as he could run

Dove under his cot
and quickly he got
His chainsaw, his ax, and his shotgun.

Zombie Miss Muffet

Zombie Miss Muffet, sat on a tuffet,
Eating some eyeballs and brains;
Along came a hunter,
Aimed a blunderbuss at her
And blew poor Miss Muffet away.

Good Night, Sleep Light

Good night, sleep light,
Don’t let the zombies bite.
And if they do
Then take your ax
And those zombies
fifty whacks!

Zombie Jack Horner

Zombie Jack Horner
Sat in a corner,
Eating a Christmas pie.
He stuck in his thumb
And pulled out a lump,
And said, "Braaaaains!"

Old Mother Hubbard (and her Zombie Dog)

Old Mother Hubbard
Went to the cupboard
To fetch her poor dog a bone;
But when she came there
The cupboard was bare,
So the poor dog found a bone sticking out of the arm of a recently fallen zombie.

She took a clean dish
To get him some tripe;
But when she came back
He was fully infected, and looking at her with a disquieting parody of affection.

Jack Sprat

Jack Sprat could eat no flesh,
His wife could eat no brains,
And so betwixt the two of them
They licked whoever came.

Little Boy Blue

Little Boy Blue, come blow your horn,
There're zombies in the meadow, undead in the corn.
Where is the boy who slaughtered the sheep?
He's under a haycock, fast asleep.
Will you wake him? No, not I,
For if I do, we're sure to die.
Jesus dog

The (not a) Mosque (not) at Ground Zero.

I'm growing so weary of the overly-predictable ignorant, short-sighted, bigoted hate-fest on this one...

First, it's not a mosque.

Second, it's not at ground zero.

Third, two and a half million loyal Americans are Muslim. They get to have churches, too.

Fourth, yes, there should be a mosque at ground zero. It would be fantastic.

While I don't want to help propagate the falsehood that the 9/11 attacks were about religion, it would be like all the Who's joining hands and singing in Whoville, despite the Grinch trying to steal Christmas. I can think of no better way to send a message to a few wigged out extremist terrorists - and the rest of the world - that we were not beaten by their little attack than to go right on at least pretending to be the open, free, welcoming culture our nation was founded to be.

On the other hand, I can think of no better way to let the terrorists know that they were right and they have - at least to some degree - won than to show them that a substantial portion of our population is, indeed small minded, fearful, bigoted, and ignorant, and have been successfully whipped up into a frenzy of closed-minded, unthinking hatred that will last for decades.

All of this, of course, presupposing that we pretend that Islam was the main cause / source of the terror attacks... Which allows us to continue to freak out - just as they hope we will - by lavishing way more attention, fear, and concern on this relatively small number of deaths than it deserves.

Those people died of being free. Period. Every freedom we maintain for ourselves costs us a little safety... And, usually, we consider it a perfectly even trade. The freedom of not living in a locked down police state means that some political criminals will have an opportunity to use terror as a campaign tactic.

Yes, the numbers they kill will be very small, comparatively, but the human nature of the survivors will guarantee you get a lot more mileage out of it than you deserve.

This was, arguably, the most "successful" terrorist attack in history, and statistically, it was pretty much nothing. Emotionally, politically, socially, psychologically, of course, it was huge. But in reality? Statistically? It wasn't that big a deal.

You know what 3,000 deaths is? It's a speed bump in our homicide rate. A 20% increase in criminal homicide, for ONE year. And, yes... In case there's still anyone who hasn't gotten that memo yet, terrorism isn't war, it's a criminal act.

When almost twenty times as many Americans die every year in automobile accidents, we don't leap into a hair-pulling histrionic fit demanding a war against automobiles... Our freedom to drive is more important that those 40,000+ lives every year.

When almost twenty times as many Americans die every year because they lack basic health care, we don't demand government provide a reasonable public health insurance option like in every other civilized nation in the world... Our freedom to be greedy, self-centered, short sighted pigs is more important that those 45,000+ lives every year.

When about four times as many Americans die every year from drunk drivers, we don't flip out and demand congress and the courts outlaw alcohol... Our freedom to drink is more important that those 11,000+ lives every year.

When we kill off about five times as many of each other every year for no good reason - certainly not as good a reason as we'd consider their reason if it was ours... If it was our nation that was being occupied by a hostile power and not theirs - But when we kill off five times as many Americans, every year, just for the fun of it, we don't flip out and demand government outlaw guns, or at least make them harder for criminals to get to... Our freedom to have guns is more important that those 15,000+ lives every year.

But as long as there's someone foreign or another color or of another religion to blame - again, never mind we're basically occupying their home countries and all they want us to do is go the hell home and mind our own business - as long as there is some 'OTHER' to blame, and not ourselves... Well, then, by golly 2,900 deaths is just WAY more than we're willing to accept for ANY reason, and nothing could possibly be more important than flipping out about it, every single day, if anyone, anywhere, even so much as mutters the name or any characteristic of our chosen scapegoats.

The right message to send?

"Build your mosque. Yes, I know it's not a mosque, build one anyway. Build five. Build a thousand. You think you're going to scare us off with a few thousand deaths? Fuck you. We kill over fifty times that many of our own people... Every. Fucking. Year. Just 'cause we're bored. Just 'cause we're selfish. Just 'cause it's FUN.

"Nah nah nah, we'll fly a plane into your building." FUCK OFF. If we'd have thought of it first, it'd be a reality TV show by now, and millions of us would call in every week at $2.99 per text or phone call, to decide which plane gets voted into the building. We let our CHILDREN play with guns... Hundreds of them die from it, every year. You want to scare us...? You're going to have to do a lot better than adding %20 to our homicide rate one fucking year."

That's what we should be saying. Instead, we're following in the footsteps of racists, bigots, and morons. If the people who attacked us happened to be Muslim, ALL Muslims must be bad. Bigotry in America. What a surprise.

Garbage In...

The shit people just accept into their brains without any due diligence or fact checking amazes me. It's like eating handfuls of garbage and shit without looking at it, just because someone marked it "food". It's worse, really. At least your body will try to get rid of a lot that garbage on it's own. The garbage you let into your brain just stays there and festers and rots everything it touches.~HMD

A thought that leapt out of my head today while I was, once again, trying to work out all the interesting and intricately detailed differences between the relationship I have with facts and information, and the relationship 'normal' people have with facts and information.

I'm known far and wide as someone who loves to argue, and as someone who 'always has to be right', can't 'agree to disagree', can't 'leave well enough alone' or 'let sleeping dogs lie', because I am, for all intents and purposes constitutionally incapable of passing by a known factual error without correcting it, or a bit of questionable data without challenging it, questioning it, and trying to make it prove itself either true or false.

I want to know which things are real or not real... Which things are true, and which false. It's outside my comprehension as to how someone could possibly just shrug and say "Meh. I don't care."

I have to look up things I don't care about because someone says them, and I doubt it. I don't want that stray, incorrect "fact" floating around in my head, until I forget where it came from, and then the subject might come up again in five years, and I might repeat that incorrect fact. "Seems to me I heard or read somewhere that..." How is that any better than spreading disease?

At least our bodies have natural defenses against disease. It seems all too many people have absolutely no natural defenses against their own laziness and credulity. How do we survive as a species with this quality being so common?

The Crazy People.

We think of "sane" and "insane" as mutually exclusive, but mounting evidence brings me always closer to the uncomfortable conclusion that sanity seems, most often, dependent upon the circumstances and the subjects being considered. Very many people - the majority, it seems - are quite sane very much of the time, and completely irrational on select subjects.

This bothers me much more than you might actually believe.

Insanity / irrationality is the only thing that really scares me. In fact, my affect is flat enough in a great many circumstances that I'm not entirely sure I know what fear is... (Read: "There is something wrong with the way my mind/body processes threats." not "I am Wonder Woman."(1))

I have an appropriate respect for heights or speed or other potentially dangerous things or situations, but none of them scare me.

I'm fine with spiders & snakes, I'm not afraid of ghosts, vampires, zombies, werewolves, god, hell, boats, airplanes, heights, speed, fire, acid, or baby shit... I've run into the proverbial burning structure to save a stranger, and I've faced "certain" death, trying to prevent a pahfactly hay-ooge explosion and yelling loudly to warn others to run away. I've been in car wrecks, faced a plane crash, chased a tornado, been jumped, blindsided, threatened, whacked with a stick, had knives pulled on me, and guns pointed at me, and handled all of those situations fine... But crazy people and irrationality kinda spook me. >.>;;

When someone is so visibly angry that they cannot control themselves, it makes me as uncomfortable as hell, because I simply cannot imagine the sensation, and I have no idea what's going to happen next... It's all I can do to not consider the person in question effectively a rabid animal and move to "put them down".

Same with people who are so excited or happy or "jazzed" that they don't seem to have rational control over themselves.

I'm perfectly ok with zombies. As I mentioned above, even assuming they were real, the idea doesn't scare me a bit... But the people in the previous two paragraphs... I think of them the same way 'normal' people think of zombies, if they were real. You think I'm joking. I'm not.

I've been in situations where I have to raise my voice to be heard, but so far, only two people -in the world- in my life's experience, have the ability to make me "angry" enough to raise my voice, and it's the single most uncomfortable feeling I have ever experienced... I can't eat or sit still for hours afterward...

The idea of living in a world where most people experience that kind of irrational anger quite often is approximately as attractive to me as the idea of shoving double-edged razor blades up my ass with my bare finger-tips.

And then, you get into what I consider much more dangerous, much more troubling irrationalities... Anger, after all, is probably just varying levels of hormones and biological chemicals combined with poor self control behaviour learned early in life. The other stuff, to me, speaks to how a person actually -thinks-... How the machinery of their brain functions.

Imagine living with someone with whom you simply never know how they're going to react... One day you might be able to play chess with them or enjoy a movie, the next day they want to bite off your fingers or paint the walls with their own excrement.

I suspect that most people simply can't understand / accept this, but certain kinds of "normal human irrationality" has almost exactly this effect on me. I just don't really know, deep down, if so-and-so is going to tell me about the tacos she had yesterday, or bark like a baboon and throw shit at passing cars.

And what makes it even scarier, to me, is that - in what seems to be an outright survival mechanism, because you just can't be completely afraid 100% of the time that everyone around you is batshit crazy dangerous - I effectively kind of forget that they're crazy, until they say something absolutely loopey to remind me... Then I have this sensation like... I don't know, exactly. Like, if you were walking along enjoying a book, really absorbed, and then look up to realize that you're not only completely lost, but also deep in Lion Country.

What if you had this friend - maybe close enough that you live with them... And just... I mean... Perfectly normal, some very high percentage of the time. You watch TV, share meals, talk about books, take walks together, etc.

But, every now and then, they say something like "The toaster-oven made the apple tree blossom today." or "I'll be going to dinner with Johnny Appleseed next week." and they're absolutely serious... That wouldn't bother you? Make you a bit nervous?


It makes me nervous. It does a good deal more than make me nervous, actually... If I allow myself to think about it too much, it makes me very uncomfortable. It makes me so uncomfortable that there's really little to no point in my trying to express to you how uncomfortable it makes me.

There are things you really just can't talk about. People will wonder about your (my) sanity... Your (my) humanity...

The comedian Louis CK has this bit where he wonders why / how people get so upset at the existence of homosexuals... Like they're just somewhere going "Oh... People are gay! Dammit!"

And yet, the existence of these very normal irrationalities has a similar effect on me. Knowing there are religious people (as an easy if overused example, by no means the only one) - and in such pahfactly hay-ooge quantities, at that - puts me in this mood, somewhere between suicidal and homicidal.

It's not about hatred, it's not about wanting them to change. It's about, deep down, really not trusting them. I really don't like eggplant, but I'd have absolutely zero problem with the world being 70-90% eggplant lovers.

Eggplant lovers aren't irrational. And, too, they almost never burn people at the stake for not liking aubergines... But, mostly, it's that they're not irrational.

Because, what it all comes down to, for me, is if 70-90% of the people in the world can't manage to be rational about this one specific thing... How do I know they can be or will be rational about any other specific thing when it matters?

1 - For those few of you familiar with 'Project SK', the flat affect is just one more indicator in a very, very long list. It's rather remarkable, really.
We Can Do It

Oh, sh!t... There she goes again...

Incredibly Stupid Facebook Page of the Day: "Americans for Prosperity"

First, let's hear it for Good Practices in Propaganda. The name is a perfect example of a propaganda technique know as the "Glittering Generality".

"Whoah!" says Bob Voter, "These folks are for prosperity? Well, gosh darn it, that's sure a refreshing change! I'm tired of all these political action groups that are anti-prosperity! Sure, I was as opposed to prosperity at first, just like everyone else, but now I think it's time we give prosperity a chance! I wonder if these people know those 'Pro-Life' folks?"

Hey, Bozo's: Know what's good for Prosperity? Shit like roads, schools, hospitals, fire departments, police departments, and, yes, even a little welfare now and then - never for someone who simply doesn't want to work, but yes for people who actually need it.

It seems, more and more, that terms like "fiscally conservative" have been co-opted to mean things like "I'm opposed to gub'mint spending a penny on anything I don't personally approve of, understand, and/or benefit from." - Not that it ever had much of a lofty, intellectual meaning to begin with.

The problem with simpletons who think like the founders and members of this group - well, strike that... The founders may well be just more of the same repulsive liars who know full well it's a crock, but want the "I'm dumb and mad as a hornet" vote...

The problem with simpletons who think like the members of a group like this is that they have no idea where tax money comes from or goes. They're just so outraged at the tiny percentage of their fair share that they actually pay that they may well be beyond any capacity for rational thought.

Ask them what they think we should cut taxes on, and invariably a substantial portion of their list are a number of things we spend tiny fractions of our budget on... Things that, if we cut them entirely, it would have no real effect on our budgetary problems.

They fail to grasp that our fiscal problems are not born of what we spend money on in capital terms, but how we spend and allocate money in political terms.

We don't really need to cut taxes - we need an electorate of grown-ups that don't scream like spoiled children when they are asked to pay their fair share for the things that make their lives & lifestyles possible and make this one of the best (in terms of standard of living) and most prosperous nations on earth...

We need people who are intelligent enough and well enough educated to know that they owe 5% of their prosperity to their own "hard work" and 95% of it to a species and society that, traditionally, invests in and maintains infrastructure for themselves and future generations, and passes knowledge and prosperity down to future generations, gratis.

Likewise, we don't really need to cut capital spending, per se. We need to alter the -way- we spend, and the way we decide -what- to spend.

We need to take the profit motive out of lobbying. We need to take the profit motive out of government service, for that matter.

We need to make War Profiteering and government contract gouging a felony that carries a death penalty - That's been the traditional punishment for treason for centuries and centuries, why stop now? - and then we need to get god-damned -serious- about enforcing it.

We need to make it illegal to attach a rider or amendment to any legislation if that rider or amendment is not directly relevant to the initially stated specific core purpose of that legislation.

We need to make it illegal for any legislator to vote on a piece of legislation that they have not personally read, and cannot prove they understand.

We need to make it illegal for any lobbyist to be paid more in direct salary and/or bonuses than the least paid legislator they are to lobby... I am very hesitant about legislation that limits the pay rate of people in the private sector, but I don't think it's much of a stretch to say that lobbyists are not really in the private sector... Pay them the wage of a freshman representative, and send them, their employers, and their contributors to prison if salary, expenses, and bonuses goes one penny above that rate.

So... Suppose you were suggesting a constitutional amendment... Would it include these things? Would it include others? What would you add, take away, or alter?
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On Decrepitude

Beautiful inspiration today from devilsvenus, who, it seems, never writes but she sings... I would not be the least bit surprised if she could write a grocery list in such a way as to inspire emotion and thought.

Today, she speaks of
The inevitability of waiting being found lifeless or just barely existing... ...The trail of crimson resistance that will lead to its wasted discovery...

Which brings my pondering to a subject familiar to me, but a bit dusty from disuse and worthy of fresh consideration... That the thing we collectively fear is the best alternative. We reach further and further, more and more fervidly, seeking to gather up all the years between ourselves and the misty shadows of advanced decrepitude without even considering the eventual arrival at our implied destination...

We all seek to get old, without any thought about being old... Especially about existence at the farthest crumbling edges of old age.

The price tag for all our science and medicine and nutrition is this withering slow structural failure and delicate tip-toeing advance into the waiting arms of death.

Being propped up in a corner while creeping black mould and wispy cobwebs advance across the surface of our being with the unhurried deliberation of the inevitable, the color and vibrancy of our essence gradually leeching away until we are, as a whole, the same unobtrusive, nearly invisible gray as all the unseen commonplace bits of reality that exist at the muted and slightly blurred peripheral edges of our collective vision... With every leaping advance we make, this becomes less a rare fate of the few and more a sarcastically bitter and apathetic parting gift for the masses.

We all wail and gasp when someone dies a sudden, unexpected death - How terrible! What a shock! - without much thought or mention at all of the alternative... Perhaps because our conscious minds cannot even acknowledge that once incredibly rare alternative... That we will, more and more of us every year, simply and quietly and utterly alone, ossify, petrify, crumble to dust, and silently fade away to nothingness.

Where ma writerz at??

You know, that headline was supposed to be funny, but I'm already thinking it missed.

The Call

Anyway. I need some writers. I know a lot of you can write... I've caught you at it. Question is whether you have the room in your life for another paid gig. This could take anywhere from an hour or two per week or month to five or six hours per day, depending on your schedule and inclination.

What kind of writers, you ask? Think of this primarily as working in two areas with a strong third sub-area...

The Work

The first is being a game writer - reviews, how-to, tips-&-tricks... You have to have (or be willing to gain) some basic understanding of games, game theory, game design theory, and so on. You'd have to at least play the game you're writing about enough to figure it out and explain it to new players, etc. For a lot of us in my circle of friends, this is not a big challenge.

The second involves some understanding of code and... decoding it, you might say. You don't have to be a programmer, but someone who can program PHP and Javascript and understands XTHML might be better at it. You still have to be familiar enough with the games in question to find the links that need decoding, then you have to figure out how to write one. Pretty simple, really. If I get a link to (domain)/games/extras/magic-carpet.php and I know there is an item in the game called a "magic flute" I can, at very least, start my experimentation with (domain)/games/extras/magic-flute.php right? The actual links are more complex, but it's not rocket surgery.

The third involves articles written in other languages, or translations of articles written by others... Spanish is an obvious choice, Chinese, Japanese, Tagalog, Korean, Portuguese, French, German, Swedish, Russian are possibilities, as well.

The Money

This is a paid gig, but I'm not sure how much yet. At this point I kinda doubt it'd get over $500-$1000 per month, for the most prolific and successful, but it could. On the other hand, it may well be only $100 a month or so.

In per word rates, I'm guessing between $.05 and $.50, but I wouldn't really count that as the most accurate way to calculate your payment on this one... The ones who make the most on this will be not only the ones who are the best and most engaging writers, but also the ones who do the best marketing support efforts... Riding herd on the forum areas relevant to their articles, checking the wikis every now and then, promoting their work and the website effectively... And so on.

Eventually, I'll offer two pay schedules: Payment on publication, or ad revenue share. Obviously, the first one will be better for most new writers, or those with little regular traffic, while the latter will be better for those with more regular traffic, or those who just happen to write a review or tip-sheet that deserves the game-writer Pulitzer or something.

Also, the first few (one to three, most likely) articles anyone writes might be on spec... At first, this will be because I don't have the cash to pay on publication. Later, it might be because we can't to make sure you mesh well with our "voice" and style.

The Market

Money for writing on the web comes from sponsorship and ad revenue. Ad revenue is a fairly predictable fraction of unique visitors and/or page views. I can tell you that, if I get a few decent writers to join, the site I'm planning will have a five digit Alexa ranking in the five figures within one month. It could very well have a four digit Alexa ranking within two or three months.

What an Alexa ranking actually means in terms of actual traffic is a bit more tricky... Alexa themselves aren't talking, unless you shovel out huge piles of money. There is a process to "calibrate" Alexa, which leads me to estimate that you can break into four digits at approximately one million visitors per month.

So... How many people play the games in question? Can we even get one million visitors per month? The short answer is "Oh, hell yes."

Let's look at popularity... Game #1, Game #100, Game #1000, and Game #5000.

Game #1, appr. 74,000,000 people play at least once per month. Of those, about 24,000,000 play every day.

Game #100, appr. 2,000,000 people play at least once per month. Of those, about 215,000 play every day.

Game #1000, appr. 64,000 people play at least once per month. Of those, about 4,000 play every day.

Game #5000, appr. 2,800 people play at least once per month. Of those, about 100 play every day.

How many of those would click a link to read an article about how to play their game better, or to get another in game gift is the variable we don't have yet, but... Consider this:

There are well over 1000 games who's market makes them worth writing about, and if we could get monthly visits from even one tenth of one percent of the monthly players in the top 100 games, at four page views each, that's about three and a half million page views per month.

The key to this is to build, over time, a site that supports all the most popular games. This will foster return visits, and, more importantly, a broad spectrum of link sharing. I intend to build a community style site with a magazine / articles area, a forums area, and a wiki. All will be ad supported, some may be donation or membership supported.

So. Who wants to play along?
The Devil's Advocate - DA

Oh Noes! Teh Facebook has my informations!?!

Here's a chart about what all the cool kids are whining about this season: Facebook Privacy.

The chart is elegant and expressive. Not entirely exactly true, of course, but elegant and expressive. It's kinda, sorta true, though, because in small blue letters near the bottom, it does quietly specify "(default settings)"...

Is this really the end of the world? Do we have to idiot-proof everything so hard and deep that there's no human initiative involved in anything? Is "too dumb to be even peripherally aware of anything going on around us" really the threshold we're striving for here?

Yes. The "default" settings of Facebook might allow you to share more information than you want to share. You still have to -input- the information first, and there are readily available options right there to allow you to decide exactly who sees exactly how much of your information... Up to and including big red blinking, glowing, option fucking one: If you don't want people to see it DON'T POST IT ON THE INTERNET!!

If that's just too difficult for you, you may want to freak out in fear, take outrageous precautions, and perhaps sue someone over these other risks:

Humans (default settings) will freeze to death in as little as an inch of snow, or no snow at all. The front door of your house (default settings) will allow anyone off the street to come in and take all your stuff if you pop out for a burger. Your car (default settings) won't go anywhere, and if you turn on the ignition and put it in gear (default settings) it will drive your ass into a tree.

I swear, people... Anybody who thinks they have a valid complaint in "But... I was supposed to read the directions before I posted all my personal information on the internet?? I was supposed to read and understand the legal agreement before I clicked the button that said I read and understand it?" deserves whatever happens to them.