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Oh, sh!t... There she goes again... - The Devil's Advocate
...it never pays to give all sides less than their due consideration...
Oh, sh!t... There she goes again...
Incredibly Stupid Facebook Page of the Day: "Americans for Prosperity"

First, let's hear it for Good Practices in Propaganda. The name is a perfect example of a propaganda technique know as the "Glittering Generality".

"Whoah!" says Bob Voter, "These folks are for prosperity? Well, gosh darn it, that's sure a refreshing change! I'm tired of all these political action groups that are anti-prosperity! Sure, I was as opposed to prosperity at first, just like everyone else, but now I think it's time we give prosperity a chance! I wonder if these people know those 'Pro-Life' folks?"

Hey, Bozo's: Know what's good for Prosperity? Shit like roads, schools, hospitals, fire departments, police departments, and, yes, even a little welfare now and then - never for someone who simply doesn't want to work, but yes for people who actually need it.

It seems, more and more, that terms like "fiscally conservative" have been co-opted to mean things like "I'm opposed to gub'mint spending a penny on anything I don't personally approve of, understand, and/or benefit from." - Not that it ever had much of a lofty, intellectual meaning to begin with.

The problem with simpletons who think like the founders and members of this group - well, strike that... The founders may well be just more of the same repulsive liars who know full well it's a crock, but want the "I'm dumb and mad as a hornet" vote...

The problem with simpletons who think like the members of a group like this is that they have no idea where tax money comes from or goes. They're just so outraged at the tiny percentage of their fair share that they actually pay that they may well be beyond any capacity for rational thought.

Ask them what they think we should cut taxes on, and invariably a substantial portion of their list are a number of things we spend tiny fractions of our budget on... Things that, if we cut them entirely, it would have no real effect on our budgetary problems.

They fail to grasp that our fiscal problems are not born of what we spend money on in capital terms, but how we spend and allocate money in political terms.

We don't really need to cut taxes - we need an electorate of grown-ups that don't scream like spoiled children when they are asked to pay their fair share for the things that make their lives & lifestyles possible and make this one of the best (in terms of standard of living) and most prosperous nations on earth...

We need people who are intelligent enough and well enough educated to know that they owe 5% of their prosperity to their own "hard work" and 95% of it to a species and society that, traditionally, invests in and maintains infrastructure for themselves and future generations, and passes knowledge and prosperity down to future generations, gratis.

Likewise, we don't really need to cut capital spending, per se. We need to alter the -way- we spend, and the way we decide -what- to spend.

We need to take the profit motive out of lobbying. We need to take the profit motive out of government service, for that matter.

We need to make War Profiteering and government contract gouging a felony that carries a death penalty - That's been the traditional punishment for treason for centuries and centuries, why stop now? - and then we need to get god-damned -serious- about enforcing it.

We need to make it illegal to attach a rider or amendment to any legislation if that rider or amendment is not directly relevant to the initially stated specific core purpose of that legislation.

We need to make it illegal for any legislator to vote on a piece of legislation that they have not personally read, and cannot prove they understand.

We need to make it illegal for any lobbyist to be paid more in direct salary and/or bonuses than the least paid legislator they are to lobby... I am very hesitant about legislation that limits the pay rate of people in the private sector, but I don't think it's much of a stretch to say that lobbyists are not really in the private sector... Pay them the wage of a freshman representative, and send them, their employers, and their contributors to prison if salary, expenses, and bonuses goes one penny above that rate.

So... Suppose you were suggesting a constitutional amendment... Would it include these things? Would it include others? What would you add, take away, or alter?

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